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WATCH: U.S. Senate Candidate Shows Off His Shooting Skills. Libs Get Triggered

While the nation watches the close Presidential race in Minnesota, an equally tight race for U.S. Senate in the state is gaining attention. As the Republican candidate, Jason Lewis edges closer to Democratic incumbent Tina Smith, local ABC affiliate KSTP TV calls it “a statistical tie.” If that isn’t shocking enough to Minnesota liberals, they are now up in arms about Lewis shooting an actual gun with actual bullets in a recent ad.

Minnesota hasn’t voted Republican for a Presidential candidate since Richard Nixon in 1972, and it was the only state to vote Democratic in Ronald Reagan’s landslide 1984 victory over Walter Mondale. But its identity has morphed from a blue to purple state ever since President Trump’s narrow loss to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

U.S. Senate candidate’s gun shooting ad:

Jason Lewis shoots gun

Democrats in Minnesota are scared and confused as their progressive ideology is challenged, and they’re even more frightened that one of their U.S. Senate candidates shoots his pistol at a target in his recent ad with his ex-cop wife:

The predictably histrionic reaction from the left:

If Minnesota–home of the ‘mostly peaceful’ George Floyd riots–goes from blue to red next week, will the national guard be needed for a third time this year to restore the peace?

Transcript of ad:

Jason Lewis: First, the radical left came after Republicans, like me. 

Leigh Lewis: Then the radical left came after police officers like me.

Jason: Now, they’re coming after you. We live in dangerous times. That’s why I’ll always defend the police and your Second Amendment right to defend your family. Tina Smith has already voted against both. 

I’m Jason Lewis, and not only do I approve this message, I guarantee it. (Jason turns downrange and fires three rounds)

Jason (Inspecting target paper): Not bad! 

Leigh: Let’s keep practicing!