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Not-Antifa Window Repair Service

In Ryan Long’s latest hilarious video, entrepreneurs Ron and Don explain their strategy to create demand for their Not-Antifa Window Repair Service: they organize riots, which causes damage to windows, which creates customers. Simple but brilliant—just like Long’s videos.

“Some say Antifa’s just an idea, but to me, it’s a billion-dollar idea!” explain Ron and Don. “Capitalism by day; communism by night.”

Long moved from Toronto, Canada, to New York just in time for the city and its comedy clubs to shut down. But he boasts 300K followers on Tiktok and Instagram and more than 30 million internet views of his short videos.

Joe Biden insists: “Antifa’s an idea; not an organization.” Try to tell that to Ron and Don.

Check out Long’s new Not-Antifa Window Repair Service video here (2 minutes) :