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Larry Elder for Governor of CA? Decision Monday

Legendary conservative radio host Larry Elder will soon announce whether he will run for governor of California. During his show Friday ‘The Sage from South Central’ said he would announce his decision “probably on Monday” of next week. He’s been surveying callers the past couple of weeks and thinking out loud about starting a new chapter in his life. “The timing feels right,” he said.

The filing date is Friday, July 16, for any challengers to embattled Governor Gavin Newsom in his recall election on September 14. Voters will be asked two questions on that ballot: Should Newsom be removed, yes or no? And, Who do you want to replace him, from the list of eligible candidates? If Newsom gets 50% plus one vote in favor of the recall, California will choose a new governor.

Pundits believe Newsom is likely to retain the governorship. But they point out the next scheduled election is in 2022, so this current battle may be more like a primary for next year’s race.

The 69-year-old Elder is a native of Los Angeles’ South Central neighborhood. He’s an attorney, documentary filmmaker, author, and host of a popular radio show since 1993. His strong name recognition, deep understanding and politics and culture, along with his media savvy have many fans hopeful that he will enter and win.

Larry shares his thoughts on this big decision:

Joe Piscopo interviewed Larry on his podcast show. They discussed the topic further.

Do you think Larry will throw his hat into the ring? Could Californians elect a traditional conservative?