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Smash-and-Grab Crime Variant Spreads (WATCH: Rare Video)

While mainstream media hypes the latest Covid Scariant, a new crime variant known as the ‘smash-and-grab’ is spreading like an infectious disease. This trend involves large mobs of looters (from 10 to 80+) bursting into retail stores and stealing merchandise and medicine. They use crowbars to smash their way in, often in broad daylight when stores are full of terrified customers. These young criminals are violent and organized. They position their vehicles outside to block traffic around the stores, making for a quick getaway.

Below is a brief update from CBS in the California Bay Area. It includes “brand new vivid video from Saturday night” (the surveillance video starts at the 40-second mark):

Smash-and-Grab Crime Variant Spreads to Minnesota

Meanwhile, in Minnesota—another Democrat-run, soft on crime state—the smash-and-grab spread throughout the metro area Friday night:

BringMeTheNews had this update today:

Mostly Peaceful Smash-and-Grabs?

Don’t count on the mainstream media to cover this crime variant with any honesty. Instead, watch for it to be excused as another positive ‘movement’: part of the Great Reset, reparations of a sort. ‘Mostly peaceful protesters’ sowed the seeds of social chaos in the spring of 2020. We’re all reaping the fruits of their labor now.