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Nashville Explosion: Dominion Voting Connection?

Authorities in Nashville identified Anthony Quinn Warner as the lone culprit in the bombing. While conspiracy theorists suggest a connection to Dominion Voting Systems.

US Attorney Don Cochran claimed:

“Anthony Warner is the bomber. He was present when the bomb went off, and he perished in the bombing.”

Several unnamed law enforcement officials continue to look into whether Warner acted due to paranoia over 5G technology. They wonder if the AT&T building was his intended target because of that.

Conspiracy theories link Nashville explosion and Dominion Voting Systems:

Conspiracy theories went viral online. Some questioned whether Dominion Voting Systems had any connection to the Nashville explosion. Suggestions were made that the destroyed AT&T building was to be a site for auditing Dominion voting machines.

Youtuber Austin Kellerman shared this breaking update about the suspect from ABC affiliate News2 WKRN in Nashville (1:36 clip)

Commenters on the Youtube channel weren’t buying the explanations:

Al Mirria claimed:

This smells to high heaven, just like Richard Jewel, with the same outcome. They are dead & can no longer defend themselves. There is something terribly wrong with the way this case is unfolding.

Robert Nicholas stated:

Just like that, the FBI solves another case in a matter of minutes. It only took 10 seconds to determine that there was absolutely no voter fraud anywhere.

Snopes.com weighs in with this fact-check:

The implication of the conspiracy theory was that the explosion had been intended to destroy the machines before they were audited in order to cover up evidence of massive voting fraud.

However, both AT&T and Dominion have disclaimed the notion that the former company was engaged in an audit of the latter, or that any Dominion-related systems were being moved to Nashville in preparation for a “forensic audit” (by anyone). No available external evidence suggests AT&T was involved in any such audit, either.

As of now, the person of interest identified by the FBI in connection with the explosion, Anthony Quinn Warner, is believed to have been “paranoid about 5G technology” (another frequent subject of conspiracy theories) rather than possessing any election-related motive.

What are your thoughts? Will an investigation address all the coincidences? Does this case seem too open and shut?