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Mad Mom Slams School Board over CRT

If you’re not a fan of the racist Critical Race Theory, you’ll cheer as this mad mom slams the school board in Carmel, NY, for trying to sneak it into their district. Like a momma bear defending her cubs, Tatiana Ibrahim tore the arrogant board members to shreds and exposed their surreptitious attempts to promote their divisive agenda.

“I think the board of education and those sitting on the panels are thieves. I think they’re liars and have committed treason against our children,” said this exasperated wife of a police officer. “Do you know who makes up the majority of this district? Children from police officers’ families. Blues. Back the blue children. Do you know what these children feel like when they come home? Have you spoken to them? No. You’re silencing them.”

Ms. Ibrahim continued for several minutes calling out the board on their “twisted, sneaky, vile acts” and ended with this warning:

“You want to silence me because I spoke the truth. I spoke the truth. Everyone out there heard me. Whether they agree or they don’t, they’re going to start looking into it. And now you’re exposed.”

Enjoy! Mad Mom Slams School Board in Carmel, NY: