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Twin Cities Businesses Board up (again) on Fear of Election Chaos

Many Twin Cities businesses are boarding up due to fear of civil unrest on election day. This is the third time this year a boarding up frenzy has occurred: the first was in May during the George Floyd riots. The second was in August when riots and looting ensued after a false report of a fatal police shooting (a man had committed suicide in broad daylight).

While many businesses just stayed boarded up the whole time, more began securing windows and doors on Monday. It’s an ominous feeling in the downtown area and an all too familiar pattern. But business owners that have survived the pandemic and the rioting say ‘better safe than sorry–wood is cheaper than glass.’

Both rioting episodes were brought under control with the help of the Minnesota National Guard and they are on standby for election day.

KSTP TV spoke to an employee at John Fluevog Shoes in the Uptown area of Minneapolis. The store manager Jamie Liestman said she prefers to be “proactive instead of reactive.”

“We are still open; we just want to be safe,” ┬áLiestman said. “I don’t want to have to watch my security camera like a crazy person all night worried about it. So this actually feels good to have this up here, so we don’t have to worry.”, KSTP reports.

Minneapolis boards up for election
Minneapolis Target store boards up for potential election chaos

What are your predictions for election night? Calm, uncivil unrest, mostly peaceful protests, mostly peaceful riots? It might be wise to go vote, then go home and stay there. Our police officers, emergency personnel, and all essential employees will appreciate it.