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UPS, FedEx Vaccine Plan: Split Up the Country (WATCH)

In the spirit of President Trump’s astoundingly successful Operation Warp Speed, two giant shipping competitors are working like teammates. UPS and FedEx explain their historic plan to deliver FDA approved vaccines to the nation. It’s simple: divide and conquer. UPS will take the eastern part of the country; FedEx will take the western part.

“Of course, FedEx and UPS have split the country into two,” Wes Wheeler, president of Global Healthcare at UPS, told a U.S. Senate subcommittee Thursday. “We know exactly what states we have, and they know what states they have.” Even during the hectic Christmas season, Wheeler said, “We’re giving priority to all the vaccine shipments.”

FedEx’s Richard Smith, regional president of the Americas and executive vice president, was blunt: “There are only two companies in the United States of America that have the networks to connect all those O [operations] and D [distribution] pairs that I talked about on an overnight basis, and they’re both represented at this table. The reason we’re both here, and we’re both doing this is because we’re the only ones who can.”  

President Trump touted the vaccine distribution plan in a video message Friday. He also explained who will get the vaccine first. It’s already on the way, he said.

“Through our partnership with FedEx and UPS, we have already begun shipping the vaccine to every state and zip code in the country. The first vaccine will be administered in less than 24 hours,” President Trump said in this message Friday:

Good Morning America aired this 3-minute report about the historic UPS-FedEx vaccine roll-out:

Vaccines normally take years to develop. It’s breathtaking how quickly Trump’s aptly-named Operation Warp Speed got us to the end-game. The time from which COVID-19 was first detected in the U.S. until Americans will get injections in their arms will be less than one year. The historic UPS-FedEx vaccine distribution plan will help bring this pandemic full circle to an end thanks to Trump’s innovative plan.

Countless lives will be saved:

Millions of lives will be saved worldwide by shaving years off the normal time to develop a vaccine and/or achieve herd immunity thanks to Operation Warp Speed. Will the statisticians and forecasters show us models of how many lives Trump helped save? It’s simple math. Just multiply current COVID deaths times two or three.

Of course, Trump-haters will be silent about projections and models calculating lives saved. No doubt they’ll keep whining that this ‘failed President’ didn’t push mask-mandates and shutdowns enough. Nonetheless, historians will likely judge Trump’s vaccine success as one of the biggest victories in the history of science and medicine.