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ABC Reporter: Trump ‘Is Really Something of a Marvel’

Kudos to ABC reporter Jonathan Karl–who has been very critical of President Trump during his term–for admitting that whatever you think of this President, you have to be impressed with his stamina and fighting spirit. Karl gave his update on the final days of the campaign, saying the President “is in an all-out sprint to an election day.” He continued, “For a guy who was literally in the hospital with COVID-19 on oxygen, this is really something of a marvel.”

Referring to the packed rallies in cold temperatures, Karl said, “It’s really a reflection of how deep his support is, how fervent his support is.” He added, “At some of these rallies–really at most of them now–they actually start chanting ‘We love you!’ to the President.”

Whatever you think of this President and however this election ends up, you can’t say he wasn’t a fighter. Since entering the first race on June 15, 2016, Trump fought against both parties’ political establishment, against the Democrat-controlled mainstream media, against the deep state Russia collusion investigation, against a bogus impeachment, and he fought and beat his own case of COVID-19. If he goes down, it will have taken an unstoppable force of nature—a pandemic—to end his run. But it’s not quite over yet…