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Woke=Racist. Hilarious Video Shows Similarities

If you’ve noticed the ‘woke’ ideology strangely resembles the ‘racist’ ideology, you’re not alone. Comedian Ryan Long sees it too. His brief comedy sketch perfectly illustrates how these two identity-obsessed groups make strange bedfellows. Their obsession with race, ironically, makes them BFFs, as Long puts it. In the end woke=racist.

While some distinguish between ‘woke’ and ‘politically correct,’ most of us see them as interchangeable, recycled terms. In either case, it’s a great conversation starter, to begin with,’I’m awake morally, socially and politically, and you’re asleep and incorrect, now let’s talk.’

But the woke and racist characters in the skit—Brad and Chad—have nothing but cheerful conversation as they keep discovering more and more similarities.

Woke=Racist skit:

Long moved from Toronto, Canada to New York just in time for the city and its comedy clubs to shut down. But he boasts 300K followers on Tiktok and Instagram and more than 30 million internet views of his short videos.

It’s heartening to know politically incorrect (or whatever you want to call it) humor still has a place in our ‘free speech zone’ society. And it’s good to see woke-ists and racists coming out as best friends after all.