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Drunk Squirrel: Bar Closings Are No Problem (VIDEO)

While millions of people mourn the closing of their local bars, this drunk squirrel is having no problem with that. After eating some fermented pears, he became visibly intoxicated.

Fox 9 News in Minnesota reported on the strange incident:

 “A woman in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, got a video of a squirrel outside her home who accidentally got a little tipsy from eating fermented pears,” Fox 9 explained.

“In the video, the squirrel starts to tip over, then balances itself before getting dazed again.”

Katy Morlok, of Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, said she’d been feeding animals as a hobby while working from home. After putting an old pear out, she noticed this red squirrel run off with the pear.

An hour later he came back tipsy.

“And then it kind of dawned on me…oh no, those pears were so old I bet they fermented,” Morlok told Fox 9. “And then he got drunk, and I did not mean to do that, so I went out, and I grabbed all the pears.” She had put out the rest of the pears after the squirrel took the first one because she thought he liked them.

After worrying all night, Morlok said he’s been sober and acting just fine.

So if your favorite watering-hole is closed for the holidays, and you forgot to stock up, you might want to take a tip from this tipsy critter and grab some pears from your grocery store.