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75% of Farmers back Trump. And They Know How to Put on a Parade (VIDEO)

“A September poll by agricultural publication Farm Futures found 75% of farmers surveyed in July planned to vote for Mr. Trump, compared with 72.6% ahead of the 2016 election,” according to a recent Wall Street Journal editorial.

And a poll that same month by Farm Journal Inc. found an astounding 87% of Minnesota farmers and 82% of Iowa farmers plan to vote for President Trump next month.

This follows several years of tumultuous times for the U.S. agriculture industry. Trump’s term was marked by record farm bankruptcies and plummeting crop and livestock prices, especially when trade deals were renegotiated with many key countries. There seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel in November of 2019 when better long-term deals were finally ironed out with China, and U.S. exports were set to take off. But by February of 2020, China was exporting its deadly commodity–COVID 19–and markets locked down.

But farmers tend to plan long-term, as in multi-generational. Many believe the Trump trade deals, tax cuts, and deregulation efforts will usher in major growth opportunities after the pandemic wanes.

Speaking at a convention in 2019, Zippy Duvall—President of the American Farm Bureau Federation—said, “As bad as 2018 was on the farm, 2018 will go down in American Farm Bureau history as one of the most productive agricultural-policy years in our history.”

“The runway for our patience is going to be determined by the financial situations on our farms,” Duvall continued, referring mainly to Trump’s trade war with China. “We’re gonna hang with him.”

Trump often says he ‘loves the farmers’. Apparently, a high number of them feel the same about him, or at least about his policies.

These farmers at a pro-Trump parade in California certainly feel the love. No Antifa types trying to slow down their massive machines:

Please share this with your city friends who are clueless as to why anyone—let alone farmers—would support President Trump in such high numbers.