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Run Hide Fight: Dailywire Dramatic Movie Trailer

Conservative news company The Dailywire is stepping into territory normally ruled by Hollywood and liberal elites: the movie-making business. Run Hide Fight is the first action-thriller from The Dailywire.

Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro explains the new venture:

My mentor, Andrew Breitbart, always said politics is downstream of culture. What he meant by this is that more people are shaped by the culture that surrounds them than by politics directly.

Shapiro and The Dailywire hope to play a part in positively shaping American culture, unlike many Hollywood films do. They plan to tap into existing conservative sensibilities and promote that worldview. If you think that sounds boring, however, think again.

Shapiro explains further:

The Daily Wire wants to bring you real, provocative content. Not your typical conservative documentaries about George Washington’s mother’s cousin’s daughter. We want to tell stories that the Left has stopped telling, just as we bring you news that the Left won’t cover.

Our first feature film, RUN HIDE FIGHT, will be released for on-demand streaming to Daily Wire members on Friday, January 15th. RUN HIDE FIGHT follows a high school sieged by a quartet of school shooters when one young girl, 17-year-old Zoe Hull, uses her wits and survival skills to fight back.

Watch the Run Hide Fight trailer by the Dailywire:

From the looks of the trailer, The Dailywire is entering the movie business with a bang, literally and figuratively:

Liberals dominate pop culture. Therefore, it’s time for conservatives to step in. Do you think this will yield a political payoff down the road, as a result?

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