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WATCH: Protester Demolishes Trump Stand. Woman runs in fear

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The so-called welcoming, inclusive, tolerant, democrat leftists once again reveal their hatred and fear of the thing most dangerous to them–diversity of political viewpoints:

Instead of urging their followers to tone down the violence, BLM leaders are now trying to scare off anyone videoing their violent acts. At a protest in Rochester, NY, a BLM leader made an implicit threat against anyone who doesn’t “tell the correct narrative” (that protesters and BLMers are all peaceful). A reporter for the DemocratandChronicle.com, Sean Lahman, was there and recorded this:

This Korean War vet didn’t play by BLM rules:

You and I know the left continually seeks to increase its control of the media, but this rises to a new level: direct physical threats to people who record video.

The promotion of leftist propaganda and false narratives seems to be taking another disturbing downturn. But maybe this is a good sign: an indication of desperation. Are BLM/Antifa leaders worried they are losing control of their fake message and their iron-fisted grip on young, gullible, guilt-ridden white followers who blindly obey them?

Threats of violence against people reporting facts will likely strengthen the resolve of those who seek to record the truth and it might backfire on the power-hungry anarchist leaders.

What are your thoughts about the effects of threats like these?