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Violent Minneapolis Carjackings up 537%! (VIDEO)

As the city of ‘Defund the Police’ watches the number of murders and other serious crimes spike, they can add violent Minneapolis carjackings to their growing list of skyrocketing crimes. In the past two months alone, Minneapolis police have recorded 125 carjackings. Many of these were committed by armed teenagers in broad daylight.

“The numbers are staggering,” said MPD spokesman John Elder. “It defies all civility and any shred of common human decency.”

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported on this violent trend. They spoke to a housekeeper who was approached by two hooded teens when she arrived to work on Nov. 27:

“One pointed a gun at her head, demanding that she get out, before firing three shots: two ricocheted off the window and a third struck her side-view mirror. The woman threw her car into reverse, sending the teens fleeing in the stolen car they arrived in…”, the Star Tribune reported. “She was completely traumatized,” said Kathy Victor, the woman’s employer. “It’s just so bold.”

This video shows a still photo of the incident, with the actual audio. You can hear the suspects shouting at the woman, “Get out! Out!” Then you hear a gunshot, followed by the squealing tires as the woman speeds away. They fired more shots as she fled in terror:

Another survivor shares her story about a violent Minneapolis carjacking:

KARE11 News in Minneapolis spoke to Susie, another carjacking survivor. She wanted to share her terrifying story as a warning to others.

“Out of what seemed like nowhere, four young men came at me quickly, pushed me to the ground, kicked me, hit me,” she explained. “I have teenagers, and the thought of them doing to someone else what these teenagers did to me, is horrific,” she said.

“We need the Minneapolis City Council and Mayor (Jacob Frey) to lead us. We are a city in crisis,” she added. “They are not leading us. We need a fully staffed police force. A police force that can actively patrol streets to try to prevent crime from happening.”

Please share this story. Especially with anyone you know living in ‘blue’ cities, who, ironically, don’t Back the Blue.