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TOP 5 LIES about George Floyd’s Death: Must-See VIDEO by Charlie Kirk

If facts are important to you, then you need to see this video. Charlie Kirk offers an insightful but simple breakdown of the top five lies about George Floyd’s death and arrest. These key myths are likely to be covered by the defense in the Derek Chauvin trial. But not likely to be covered in the mainstream media.

 Kirk clarifies that he is not weighing in on what the outcome of the trial should be:

“I am not going to make the case that George Floyd deserved death. Nor am I going to make the case that Derek Chauvin is completely innocent. I’m instead going to present facts—evidence that no one else is talking about. You can come to your own conclusions,” he says.

If you believe any of the following myths, please watch and share this with others:

  • 1. Evidence shows this was a racially motivated incident (there is only evidence to counter that claim).
  • 2. Floyd was forced onto the ground (he, in fact, asked to be put on the ground).
  • 3. Chauvin broke precedent by putting his knee on Floyd’s neck (this was, in fact, protocol in MN police training).
  • 4. We know exactly what caused Floyd to die (there two conflicting autopsy reports).
  • 5. Floyd was targeted by police because of his race (Floyd was suspected of a crime, and other black people at the scene were treated respectfully).

Top 5 Lies About George Floyd’s Death and Arrest:

Murder In The Third Degree

Minnesota statute 609.195 defines murder in the third degree this way:

“Whoever, without intent to effect the death of any person, causes the death of another by perpetrating an act eminently dangerous to others and evincing a depraved mind, without regard for human life, is guilty of murder in the third degree and may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than 25 years.”

Do you think this charge fits? Is a conviction on this charge a likely outcome of the trial? Please share!