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PBS Warned of Dominion Voting Problems in October (VIDEO)

PBS warned of problems with Dominion Voting Sytems on Oct. 26 of this year. Their report proved real problems exist with Dominion. Since the election, however, mainstream media changed its tune. Now they claim any allegations of technical problems with Dominion are part of a right-wing conspiracy. The allegations have been ‘debunked’, they insist. But this is before they’ve even been addressed in court.

The PBS report below is titled:

Will Georgia’s new voting machines solve election problems — or make them worse?

We know the answer to that question now.

Dominion Voting Systems technology was used in at least 24 states, according to Reuters. This includes states where Donald Trump has filed lawsuits.

Excerpts from the PBS report:

They have set up a complicated system, which is centralized and doesn’t seem to have any safeguards,” explains Election security white-hat hacker Harri Hursti.

“By analyzing the structure of the Q.R. codes, I have been able to learn that there’s nothing that stops an attacker from just duplicating one, and the duplicate would count the same as the original bar code,” explains Alex Halderman, a professor of computer science at the University of Michigan.

And in late September, another concern came to light. During testing, election workers found half the names of the 21 candidates for Senate intermittently disappeared from screens during the review phase. Dominion sent out a last-minute software patch,” explains PBS interviewer Miles O’Brien.

“I’m worried that the Georgia system is the technical equivalent to the 737 MAX. They have just made a last-minute software change that might well have unintended consequences and cause even more severe problems on Election Day,” says Halderman.

“Alex Halderman and his team at Michigan conducted a mock election to see if voters are likely to catch mistakes on the printouts. Only 7 percent spotted a deliberately planted error,” added O’Brien:

Read the Full Transcript here.

On their website, Dominion claims they are victims of a hoax, “…the subject of a hoax originated by followers of the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory, later spread by One America News Network, President Donald Trump, and Trump surrogates and supporters.”

PBS warned of Dominion Voting problems before the election. Was it just covering its bases? In case their candidate, Joe Biden, would lose? Now their story could be used to support President Trump’s allegations. It’s an ironic time.