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Omar Demands Biden ‘Declare Climate Change National Emergency’

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s list of demands for Presidental hopeful Joe Biden includes one that may become the next excuse to continue the use of Emergency Powers. These dictator-like powers are routinely abused by Democrat leaders to condition Americans to willingly give up their constitutional freedoms under the guise of slowing the pandemic.

Of course, the lockdowns obviously failed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, they succeeded in conditioning many to blindly follow totalitarian orders. The less sheep-minded among us wondered where this would lead. Could these heavy-handed mandates be transferred from the pandemic to all-inclusive issues such as climate change, we wondered. Omar’s list suggests that may well be where we’re headed next.

The Minneapolis StarTribune summarized her demands this way:

Cancel tens of thousands of dollars in federal college debt per student. Pay all federal contractors a $15 minimum wage. Declare climate change a national emergency, among other things, and do it all in his first 100 days in office through executive orders.

Not only is Omar pushing her extremist agenda on Biden and the American people, but she’s doing it rapidly and with a deadline.

If you think she’ll let up, think again. Her campaign slogans make that clear:

Omar campaign button: Women of Color Refuse to be Muzzled
Omar slogan F**ck around and find out

Commenter ‘Realist21’ summed up the news accurately and cleverly:

Realist21: (responding to the StarTribune headline: “In second term, Rep. Ilhan Omar focuses on pushing Biden on progressive agenda”)

When I first quickly read the headline on this article, I thought it said, “Rep. Ilhan Omar focuses on pushing Biden off cliff on progressive agenda”. Then I realized that what I saw initially was accurate.

Omar’s full petition and list of demands can be read here.

Below is a copy of 7 Omar demands from the petition:

  • Declare the climate crisis a national emergency, create an Office of Climate Mobilization reporting to the President, and mobilize a whole-of-government effort to rebuild the economy and stop the climate crisis.
  • Cancel tens of thousands of dollars in federal student loan debt. Student debt cancellation would be a massive economic stimulus at a time when people desperately need it. It’s also a racial equity issue—students of color are more likely to take out federal student loans and face higher rates of default.
  • Reinstate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for hundreds of thousands of immigrants targeted by Donald Trump.
  • Lower drug prices for millions by producing key drugs like insulin, naloxone, hepatitis C drugs and EpiPens at low costs using existing compulsory licensing authority that allows the federal government to bypass patents for pressing public health needs.
  • Issue enforceable health and safety standards for COVID-19 through the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. Wealthy corporations like Amazon should not be able to escape liability that risk the lives and health of their workers. The Administration should also review racial disparities in pandemic funding.
  • Raise the minimum wage for all federal contractors to $15 an hour.
  • Prioritize strong anti-monopoly protections and enforcement to address our rigged economy.

Do you think there’s any chance leftist Democrats will let this pandemic crisis go to waste? Once it ends, will they transition their abuse of Emergency Powers to climate change? And therefore continue on their path to total control over American’s lifestyles and choices? I’ll predict a one-car per household mandate by spring for starters…