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New York Woman Punched in Face Blames Racial Inequity

75-year-old Judith Thomas was sucker-punched in the face for no apparent reason. She walked to meet a friend in Harlem when the assailant walked toward her and suddenly slugged her in the face. The New York woman is a retired crime reporter.

Thomas said she saw the man coming toward her, but he didn’t look threatening, so she didn’t anticipate the assault. “He just looked like another guy on the street,” she told the New York Post. “Believe me, if they catch him, I’m going to court. These guys don’t intimidate me,” she added. By ‘these guys’ she meant people with mental health issues:

“Somebody like this should be at a mental health facility and on medication because nobody does this. You don’t go around punching old women in the face. That’s just nuts.”

Thomas told the DailyMail she also blames racial inequity and wealth inequity:

“We’ve got racial inequity, we’ve got wealth inequity, and people are getting desperate, and they’re angry, and they’re acting out.”

WATCH: New York Woman Punched in Face (30-seconds):

Thomas thanked the many good people who rushed to her help her out:

“All these wonderful people came to help me. Black people, white people – they got water for me, they called the cops, they called the ambulance – everybody came to help.”