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New Poll Shows Trump Gaining, after Debate and Hospitalization

A Zogby poll taken after President Trump contracted COVID-19 shows a striking result: the race is tightening. This follows a week of mainstream media slamming Trump’s debate performance and expressing certainty that his campaign is all but over, now that he has the Coronavirus.

In a sampling of 1,006 likely voters, Joe Biden’s lead shrunk to only 2 points over Trump. As recently as July 8, the Zogby poll showed Biden leading by 7 points.

Even leading pollster, John Zogby, was surprised:

“Contrary to my own observations, it looks like the President has not been hurt by his debate performance nor his hospitalization. His 47% performance is actually one point higher than his vote percentage in 2016. For now, he appears to have consolidated his base of Whites, parents, conservatives, men, and his own party’s voters. Joe Biden looks as if he is on his way to doing the same with his base. His numbers among Hispanics are respectable but not quite at the 66%-67% he really needs. The same with Blacks. His 86% is better than our last poll but he needs to hit 90%, especially in those key battleground states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Georgia. His 60%-35% lead among young voters is about where he needs to be. He is going to have to get his position on climate change out better through all the noise. Our last poll had Mr. Biden leading strongly among independents but now the two candidates are tied with 12% still undecided. It is important to note that since 2000 the Presidential races have had a see-saw quality and this may continue to play out for the remaining month. ”

The poll also found that the President’s job approval has increased to 50%, and voters believe—by a margin of 43%-40%—that Trump will win the election.

A less scientific Twitter poll taken the night of the debate by Spanish-speaking television Telemundo showed an astounding 66% of viewers believed Trump won the debate. Another indication that what we hear in the mainstream media may not be what most people think.

Did the Democrat media not learn their lesson in 2016 about prejudging election outcomes?

What are your predictions?