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Minneapolis Prepares for Trial: Images of a Nervous Downtown

The mega-hospital in downtown Minneapolis—Hennepin Health Care (formerly Hennepin County Medical Center)—sits stoically behind a shield of plywood as the town nervously watches and waits. The trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin—charged in the death of George Floyd—begins Monday. The suspense involving the trial, the eventual verdict, and the community’s response to it all is palpable as Minneapolis prepares for the worst.

Here are few images of the town and its ‘woke’ hospital:

Minneapolis Hospital Hennepin County
Emergency Room Entrance
Aequitas Minneapolis Hospital
Aequitas is the Latin root word for Equity
Aequitas Minneapolis Hospital
murals of hope at hospital minneapolis
Murals of Hope are the paintings on plywood
plywood on Minneapolis hospital
Murals of Hope
plywood on Minneapolis hospital
Pre-Murals of Hope
entrance way to Minneapolis hospital
ER entrance-way
forensic science lab at Minneapolis hospital
Forensic Science Lab
Hennepin County Medical Examiner Building
Medical Examiner Building
Concrete Balls in Minneapolis
Concrete Balls
plywood in Minneapolis painted
Painted Plywood is the New Trend

Minneapolis hopes for peace but prepares for chaos.