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Mass Shooters 2019: White Supremacists?

While the media tries to convince you that most mass shooters are white supremacists, facts tell a different story. Below is a composite of all mass shooters from 2019 (2020 images aren’t yet available, though they’ll likely be similar). These are all the people charged with or arrested for shooting four or more people in a single incident.

Here’s what Snopes.com had to say about the image:

Our relatively brief overview of the alleged shooters included in the August 2019 meme indicates that it was broadly fairly accurate. It contained a few errors but was faithful overall to its own criteria. 

In fact, the full list of mass shootings (according to the broad definition used in the August 2019 meme) is likely to skew even more towards non-white perpetrators than the meme itself shows. This is because, as we explained in our examination of 2018 statistics for mass shootings, unsolved shootings often remain unsolved due to the dynamics inherent in gang conflict.

Look at the images. Look up the numbers. Don’t believe false narratives in the media.

Mass Shooters 2019:

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